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Driven by that thin line that separates madness from sanity, the hidden from the revealed, real from fiction, Jaime Menéndez uses photography as a tool to create his particular vision of the world around him. Understanding balance as the end of the world and entropy as the natural motor of things, the artist presents chaos within order and great restlessness even in his simplest images. He invites the viewer to spontaneity and carelessness in an era of permanent crisis and overwhelming information. The search for the incongruous, the glitch or system failure, that crack that opens up another universe full of questions, that impossible picture, that beautiful contradiction, motivates the artist to constantly investigate different techniques and approach the same subject from multiple angles.

Born in Madrid, Jaime started his career in acting while studying Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid. After completing
a master's degree in image post-production, web and 3D at Trazos School, he moved to London in 2013, where he participated in the founding of the Cervan- tes Theatre and worked as a real estate photographer and retoucher in various studios. He returned to Madrid in 2018 where he is currently based and takes portraits and e-commerce photography.


Tel: +34 722 445 129

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