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Anuel AA

BTS and "Brother"single cover. 

The project premieres with its video clip, recorded in the city of Madrid, Spain, with the production of Conteni2 Media Group and the direction of the same artist in collaboration with Tru Views. The audiovisual piece is full of bright colors, gold, European architecture and a lot of “bling bling”, in addition to representing the lifestyle of a music star such as the artist.

Anuel AA is a Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap singer and songwriter.

He has made successful concert tours in the United States, Latin America and Europe, with “Sold Outs” in all cities. In addition, he was among: The 50 best Latin albums of the decade with Real Hasta La Muerte.


His recognitions and nominations include: Premio Lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud, Premios Tu Música Urbano, Billboard Awards and finally, Latin Grammy. The latter came with the release of his most recent studio album Emmanuel, with which he was recognized in 7 different categories, plus the possibility of fulfilling his most precious childhood dream: singing on the stage of the greats. Starting 2021, Anuel received 7 nominations for the Premio Lo Nuestro 2021 gala.

La sumisión y el porvenir está en los huevos

In this crazy farce, Ionesco tells the story of a young man named Jacobo, who, disenchanted with the world around him, languishes lying on a sofa, refusing to start a family; His parents and his grandmother will try to control the young man's disobedience by urging him to get married and have many children. In a desire to rebel, Jacobo refuses to do it unless he is with the ugliest woman in the world, but his parents counterattack by introducing him to Roberta, a girl with three noses, who ends up seducing him.


Raclette is a corrosive text, a gastronomic tragicomedy loaded with black humor and contemporaneity. A half-hearted dinner for the characters on stage, but also for the audience.

This urban and contemporary raclette unites, during a dinner, two plots that apparently have no relationship, but that intertwine to end up telling a terrible story that deals with universal themes through humor and truth such as death, the couple, motherhood, greed, guilt and violence.

Canary flu

Society is imposing new rules and prohibitions. Leopoldo, a discreet mathematician, seeks the realization of his dreams in an impossible environment. His meeting with various characters, Professor Garibaldi, 118 minutes, Douglas, will reveal, in a comical way, the tragedy of this future world.


Directed by José Luis Molinero and written and performed by Iago García, Prometeo will make us travel with him to a desolate world, destroyed by the last fire of men. Poetry joins the verses of Aeschylus in a unique vision of the myth. Premiered with great success among the public and critics on October 15, 2022 at the Fora domap festival in Ferrol.


The Dark Stone

During the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Rafael has been made  prisoner by the Republicans and Sebastian, the young guard in charge of him, become his only company. They are both unaware that their encounter will change the course of war and theatre. 
Inspired by the real story of Rafael Rodríguez Rapún – friend and lover of Federico García Lorca – The Dark Stone is a play about intolerance, the need for redemption and memory as a means of justice.

Lorca´s Universe

Instituto Cervantes presents within its program "La palabra en la música" (The word in music) the stage performance: Lorca´s Universe, in the framework of the Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Music and Performing Arts, 2023, co-organized by Instituto Cervantes and INAEM [the National Institute of Music and Performing Arts], Ministry of Culture and Sport of Spain, as part of the plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience - financed by the European Union - 


Lorca´s Universe is a dramatic musical show where all the disciplines covered by the figure of Federico García Lorca come together: his poetry, theater, music, painting and even the universe that surrounded him with testimonies from peers, countrymen from Granada, relatives, etc... Through a musician (Daniel Acebes) and an actress and singer (Lucía Espín) who will take us on a tour of poetry, music and theater that took place in various stages of his life together... we will be witnesses the particular and splendid universe of Federico.

Woman in action

Tribute concert to the refugee women of Afghanistan at the Soho Theatre

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