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The city is infinite and never stops. Its people, its inhabitants move without thinking or, perhaps, thinking too much. From one place to another: up and down, left and right, in parallel. Although we take different directions, don't we all have the same destination?

Those who are already there are also here, in both places and in neither at the same time. It's difficult to know if we'll still be here even when we're no longer.

Meanwhile, lives intertwine, reproduce, and proliferate. They also resemble each other so much that the person in front of you mirrors yourself, as does the one beside you and the one beyond.

The city wants more, lives with the feeling that something extraordinary awaits around the corner. It longs for something big to happen, something bigger than itself. It goes crazy for that place that will either elevate it to ecstasy or sink it into misery.


Presented as a concise photographic narrative, this project captures the essence of the city and its inhabitants immersed in the perpetual hustle between the dawning and dusk of a single day, embodying the cycle of life. The author invites the viewer to actively contemplate into his own subconscious with apparent contradictory and hermetic images of quantum, faceted worlds, and parallel realities. He generates a spontaneous pictorial atmosphere through multiple exposures with a sensation of movement and vertigo. The urban space becomes his playground, where volume and perspective play crucial roles in capturing and expressing the cycle of the city and life itself.

Jaime_Menéndez_Largo viaje hacia la noche 3.jpg
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Jaime_Menéndez_Largo viaje hacia la noche 5.jpg
Jaime_Menéndez_Largo viaje hacia la noche 6.jpg
Jaime_Menéndez_Largo viaje hacia la noche 7.jpg
Jaime_Menéndez_Largo viaje hacia la noche.jpg
Jaime_Menéndez_Largo viaje hacia la noche 8.jpg
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